Please ensure that you fill in the correct form; Doggy Day Care is the blue button and for DAY STAYS ONLY; for Boarding bookings please click the red button for OVERNIGHT STAYS.

It can take up to 5 days on our busy period for Boarding and Doggy Day Care bookings to be responded to. Please call us for any last minute bookings.

Heating charges run from 1st October to 31st March. It is £3.60 (inc. VAT), per day. Please note: this includes Doggy Day Care.

We are not doing viewings until further notice!

Luxury pet boarding in the heart of Surrey, set in 50 acres

Open 8.30am until 1pm and 2pm until 5pm, seven days a week
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Dog Boarding at the Wey Farm Kennels

Dog Boarding at the Wey Farm Kennels

Licence number : 026987.

The Upper Kennels

Where possible, we try to house large and small breeds in kennels specifically designed to their needs.

Our larger grass runs are reserved for larger breeds (e.g. Great Danes, Dobermans, Mastiffs and Huskies) and large families.

Smaller breeds (e.g. Border Collies, Spaniels, Pugs and Jack Russel Terriers) will be housed in kennels with concrete runs; dogs staying here will go out in our grass runs as much as possible.

The Lower Kennels

Our lower kennels can hold 40 dogs, whereby each animal is ensured a very personal service.

Like our upper boarding, staff are onsite always, and CCTV is operated 24 hours a day.

The kennels in the lower boarding are very similar to kennels in the upper boarding; the only difference is that the lower kennels have thick brick walls between each kennel. This makes each kennel quieter; suiting nervous dogs and older dogs.

The lowers boarding has two grass areas, whereby we alternate the dogs' play time.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the lower boarding.

Exercise Paddocks and Runs

We do not walk the dogs ourselves, however two wonderful dog walkers can walk your dogs at an additional price:

Prices apply per walk, at £15 per one dog or £20 for two dogs from the same household.

You must contact them personally to organise the dog walk(s).


For hygiene reasons, all bedding & toys are supplied by the Kennels & Cattery. We therefore do not accept owners' belongings. No responsibility can be accepted for personal belongings such as toys, blankets etc. left at kennels or cattery.

Food and Medication

We stock a wide range of Royal Canin dog foods, which we feed to animals staying with us. Royal Canin provides feed specifically designed to suit the animal, based on breed, size and individual requirements. They provide "superb nutrition based solely on the science to benefit the pets". Please ask our staff for more information on the best food to suit your dogs.

We also supply a wide range of meat or wet food; including, Nature Diet, Chappie and Forthglade. We sell Natural Instinct dog food (raw food) at an additional price.

Customers are welcome to bring their pets own food, if they have special dietary requirements.

We can administer our guests' medication whenever, at no extra cost. However, we do not administer insulin injections.

Mixing With New Friends

To make our guests' stay more enjoyable, we like to pair them with their very own friend. With your permission, we will find them a friend to play with all day! Both of the dogs would be of similar sizes and have similar temperaments.

Boarding Conditions

  1. Owners must leave their contact telephone number and current address on admission.

  2. Pets can still board with us over the Christmas holidays. CUSTOMERS CANNOT PICK UP OR DROP OFF THEIR PET(S) AFTER 1 PM ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND ALL DAY CHRISTMAS DAY, BOXING DAY AND NEW YEARS DAY. For example, customers can drop their pet(s) off on the morning of Christmas Eve and then collect them on 27th December, and drop off their pet(s) on 30th December and then collect them on 2nd January. For clarification please call us.

    Customers are charged double on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

  3. Vaccination information:
    On arrival, owners must provide staff with a current veterinary certificate of vaccination and/or booster. No dog will be accepted unless it has been vaccinated against: Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo virus, Parainfluenza and has received the intra nasal Bordatella vaccine (Kennel Cough).
    1. The annual booster vaccination must be done at least 14 days prior to arrival.
    2. The Kennel Cough needs to have been done at least 5 daysb) before arrival as it is a live vaccination. Please ensure that you check with your vet that this has been done as it is not something the vet will do automatically.
    3. Owners must provide their dog(s)' microchip number(s) on arrival, or be happy for Wey Farm staff to use a microchip reader to get it. The number is saved on our computer system.

    Make sure it is all done so that you are not disappointed - you will be turned away if it is not completed.

  4. Payment information:
    1. Charges begin from the day of drop off, regardless of the time of arrival. On the day of departure if the animal is collected before 10:30am, no charge will be made for that day.
    2. In the event of the customer not settling the account within one month, Wey Farm have the right to dispose of the animal as it sees fit and appropriate, as well as contacting a solicitor.
    3. Prices are subject to change without prior notice
    4. We understand that sometimes owners will not know how long their pet(s) will need to stay with us at Wey Farm. Whilst we will do everything to accommodate these circumstances it should be noted that on occasions, at Wey Farm's discretion, funds may be requested to be paid at the start of the pet's stay.

  5. Bookings & Cancellations:
    1. Bookings are regulated to maintain individual attention; therefore, early reservations are necessary for summer & other peak periods.
    2. No provisional bookings can be accepted.
    3. The cancellation fee for first time boarders is £50. Thereafter, there will be a cancellation fee of £5 per animal.

  6. Veterinary attention:
    1. Animals boarded at Wey Farm receive every care and attention. Should any animal require treatment, the management reserve the right to call a veterinary surgeon and act upon their advice. The expense incurred must be met by the owner of the animal.
    2. Owners must be happy with us taking their pet to Pet Doctors Woking; the practise is 2 miles away, so it is convenient to get to if there is an emergency. We have used Pet Doctors Woking for over 30 years.

      Pet Doctors Woking
      125 - 129 Chertsey Road
      Woking GU21 5BP
      Tel: 01483 769881

  7. Dogs from different households sharing:
    Owners who are happy for their dog to mix with other dogs whilst he/she is boarding here, must give consent when the dog is dropped off at Wey Farm or picked up if the dog is collected by Wey Farm staff; this consent will be saved on our computer system with a tick box.

  8. Dogs sharing from the same household:
    Dogs coming to Wey Farm from the same household will automatically be put together in the same kennel, unless the owner has specifically asked for them to be separated. Owners must also be aware that dogs from the same household sharing kennel will we separated should any problems arise (e.g. any aggressive behaviours).


For more images, please visit our gallery page.

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Dog Boarding at the Wey Farm Kennels